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The fine art of maternity photography.

Maternity photography is a beautiful way to celebrate your little one and mark the transition into parenthood. Whether you opt for a romantic couple's session or one with your whole family, these are sweet memories you don’t want to miss!

Why should I schedule a maternity photo session?

Almost every woman wants photos that capture the radiance and beauty of pregnancy; that’s why lots of glowing mamas-to-be want maternity photos. But beyond that, maternity photography sessions mark the important and life-altering transition into motherhood.

Simply put, a maternity session is an incredible way to embrace your new identity as a mother and celebrate this new phase of life with loved ones. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to slow down and savor those tiny kicks and flips, all while your photographer captures gorgeous images of you before you meet your baby.

These sessions are also a wonderful way to connect with your spouse at a time when most of the attention is probably focused on you and your baby. In fact, a great maternity session should feel like a date night, complete with lots of laughter, snuggles and kisses between you and your partner.

What should I wear for my maternity photos?

I advise mamas-to-be to consider floor-length gowns, dresses and skirts for maternity sessions. Longer lengths are elegant, feminine and romantic; they’re also ultra-flattering when you’re expecting. Whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down, a long dress or skirt ensures you’re fully covered, without worrying about your outfit riding up too high.

I also favor longer lengths for expectant mamas because it’s easier to hide footwear you may not want visible in your images. If you’re at the point where only flip flops are bearable, don’t sweat it as long as your dress covers your feet!

When it comes to color choice, earth tones and light pastels photograph wonderfully no matter what location you select. Remember to keep your clothing on the more fitted side, instead of extra flowy, so that you can easily show off your bump!

I also have a dress if needed you can look here and choose (this includes the price) dresses

When should I schedule a maternity photography session?

It’s never too soon to find a photographer you love and get on their calendar! Most women schedule a maternity session for around 28-35 weeks pregnant for single babies and by about 30 weeks for multiples.

While there is some flexibility here, you’ll likely be more comfortable on your feet earlier in your pregnancy versus later. Your maternity session is a wonderful celebration of you and your growing family. You’ll enjoy yourself more if you’re not dealing with swollen hands and feet! Some mamas have special considerations; for example, I’ve photographed families much earlier than 28 weeks who were expecting rainbow babies and simply wanted photos sooner. I have also worked with women just days before their due dates!



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