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Weddings Prices

Wedding prices can vary depending on the packages offered to accommodate different preferences and needs. Various factors contribute to the pricing structure, including the duration of coverage, the number of photographers, the level of post-processing, the inclusion of albums or prints, and additional services like engagement shoots or photo booths.


These package options provide flexibility for couples to select the most suitable offering based on their budget, desired coverage, and specific requirements for their special day.

Weddings photo prices
Weddings photo Prices
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Milda Trondheim Photographer

At Milda Photographer, our unwavering commitment is centered around your absolute satisfaction with our exceptional wedding photography services. We deeply understand the profound significance of your special day and strive to encapsulate its essence with unyielding beauty and grace. However, in the rare event that you find yourself anything less than thrilled with the final results, we offer an extraordinary satisfaction guarantee. Our dedicated team will attentively address any concerns and seamlessly make the necessary adjustments to exceed your expectations. Your joy remains our paramount objective, and it is with unwavering dedication that we craft breathtaking, timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

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